The weird model of the sega genesis: the wondermega

So a few days ago i saw a video about an sega system i never heard of before called the wondermega it was released in 1992 ( in japan) and was called the x’eye in north america for some reason now about the system itself its an combined sega mega drive and an sega cd thats all the infomation i know about it.


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Here's a real interesting fact about the Wondermega, it has a couple of undocumented BIOS functions that are only present in it (WONDERREQ and WONDERCHK). I don't really know what they do myself, but @LazloPsylus probably does.
Yeah... I have documentation on it somewhere in my archives. I'll see what I can dig out. It's a bizarre bit of modifications. One is basically just a confirmation of whether the system is a Wondermega or not.
Another interesting thing about the Wondermega is that it has a MIDI-out jack on the back. What exactly it's for, I don't recall, but I remember someone was messing with the MIDI functionality on the Sonic Retro forums a while back.

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