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As a novice developer, sometimes it can be difficult to find a good place to start, so here are a few hand-picked resources to help you begin your learning!

Motorola 68000 Resources​

General Mega Drive Resources​

  • Mega Drive Wiki - A wiki that covers a wide variety of topics related to the Mega Drive, Mega CD, and 32X. (Note: some of the information on this wiki is a little out-of-date, but overall, it is still a very solid source of information.)
  • Exodus SEGA Tech Docs - An archive of various official SEGA Technical documents related to various SEGA Hardware platforms, including the Mega Drive, Mega CD, and 32X.
  • Maxim's YM2612 Documentation - A good reference page containing general information about the YM2612, one of two sound chips in the Mega Drive.
  • SMS Power SN76489 Documentation - Another reference page containing some general information about the SN76489 PSG, that other Mega Drive sound chip.
  • Z80 Heaven - A robust wiki for all things Z80, featuring tutorials and useful information about the instruction set. (Note: some articles target the Texas Instruments Family of programmable calculators, which is not applicable to the Mega Drive.)
  • ClrHome Z80 Instruction Set - A visual and interactive table of all Z80 instructions, including invalid ones!

Other Resources​

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