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The Coilgun
Welcome to the suggestions category. As the description says, this is a place where you can create threads voicing your feedback, concerns, issues, and ideas related to the forums, discord server, and community in general. There are, however, just a few guidelines that we ask you to follow when posting here:

Be Descriptive​

We don’t want you to go into an unnecessarily high amount of detail, especially if your suggestion is rather simple or self-explanatory in nature. However, we ask that you provide enough detail so that the staff team can fully understand what you’re suggesting and why. The clearer you are in your post, the more informed the staff will be when making their decision.

Feel Free to Engage with Others’ Suggestions​

Members are welcome and encouraged to contribute to suggestion posts written by others. However, we ask that you engage respectfully toward suggestions that you may be opposed to and not collectively fill suggestion threads with harsh replies of disapproval. Remember that it’s the staff team who will have the final say on whether or not a suggestion is taken. You should treat your fellow members with respect; we all just want the community to be the best it can be, after all.

Try to Avoid Making Duplicate or Similar Suggestions​

Before you post a suggestion, it is wise to quickly browse the category to see if anyone else has suggested something similar (or the same) recently. If someone has made a similar suggestion and the staff team hasn’t responded yet, it is better to post a reply in support of that suggestion instead of creating a new thread for the same idea. If the staff team has already declined a similar suggestion in the past, you can suggest it again if you can provide strong reasoning for why you believe the staff team should reconsider.

Don’t be a Bad Sport​

If you make a suggestion and the staff team decides against it, we expect you to respect our decision and not act sore about it. We respect your right to disagree with us and voice that appropriately, so please refrain from being argumentative or otherwise disrespectfully towards us.

This is Not a Complaint Bin​

The suggestions category is a place to voice general community improvements, feedback, or concerns. It is not an appropriate place to voice complaints about problematic members or gripes with staff members or decisions. If you have to report something of that nature, please directly contact an appropriate staff member, such as a moderator, administrator, or founder instead of voicing those complaints here.
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