Sonic The Hedgehog: Dark World's Defeat Demo

If you know by now, the SHC 2021 version of DWD was an actual disaster with terrible sprites, a lot of errors etc. Since the hack has been restarted why not I give you a new demo of it!

Keep in mind that this is only GHZ 1, 2 and 3 as the other levels are very unfinished since it's been restarted.

New sonic sprites by Cyberooze, brand new title screen that is exclusive to this demo, GHZ palette changes to make it go from day to night using the unused night palette found in the proto, extended levels so now there's more room for new things, new ghz boss like the concept art but still is an wip, some music has changed to be like their ufo catcher and unused instrument versions, the beta victory animation has been added in.

There are many more changes which i will not tell and also about the crabmeat in act 2, that's because the pattern load cues for the ballhogs are there.

If there is any problems with it, feel free to tell me and i will make a rev01 version of the demo :)


  • Sonic The Hedgehog Dark World's Defeat
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