Sonic The Hedgehog Level Design Competition?


Would anyone be interested in doing a level design contest? Been wanting to do it for years and been writing up the basic rules for it. Obviously would take into account everyone's opinions on it. But the gist is that it would be done in a way where after it's done a compilation of all the levels would be made into a single rom akin to Super Mario World Central's Vanilla Level Design Contest. Therefore the basic rules would be not allowing any major engine rewrites or edits of global objects and Sonic object.
To break it down:

Game base:
-Sonic 2 due to the amount of objects already included is much more varied then Sonic 1
-May include Tail's flying and Knuckles* if community is into that. (May include a vote catogory for Knuckles compatibility, if so)

* Would mean not allowed to use Sonic's blues/Knuckles reds for anything.

-Custom Chunks, Blocks, Tiles, Animated Tiles, and Collision Blocks
-BASIC custom objects (Badniks, Simple Level gimmicks)
-BASIC camera boundary/water level changing routines
-A custom line scroll table parser for the background, but the overall drawing engine is left primarily vanilla, to make custom deformation for zones much easier to make.
-Custom music/sfx made for whatever sound driver is used in the DISASM
*You can submit just regular SMPS music or SFX of whatever driver you want, the compilation maker will convert it.

-Allow the use of a custom Deformation routine as long as it's not anything crazy.
-Player palette must not be changed as well as not allowed to change the yellows and the black in line 1
-Palette Cycles are allowed

If there is enough interest i'll put together a disassembly and figure out the rest.