Share your FM patches/instruments!

Got a set of FM patches you want to share? Post 'em here!

I'll start off with a couple packs I made, both with a GYB bank, and individual DMP and VGI files. (The GYB banks do not have MIDI instruments assigned. The banks were auto-generated, and I can't be arsed to assign hundreds of patches. Pick your favorites and assign them to your liking.)

First is the Touhou PC-98 patch set, which were all directly ripped from every mainline PC-98 Touhou game. The PC-98 uses an OPN sound chip, the YM2608, and the patches were able to be ported over for use with the YM2612 with no compromises!

The other one is a collection of patches from Genesis games that Yuzo Koshiro made music for (The Revenge of Shinobi, the Streets of Rage series, and Beyond Oasis). Some of these patches make use of AMS and FMS, but the LFO parameter was dynamically set via a tracker command for them, so I opted not to set them in the rips.



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