Welcome to Mega Drive Developers Collective!

Welcome to our community! This page will give you a brief rundown of what our community is all about, as well as our mission to make Mega Drive development fun & accessible for everyone.


On October 29th of 1988, SEGA released the Mega Drive, the world's first true 16-bit home video game console. A few years later, it would be released internationally, establishing itself as a true titan of the 16-bit era and leaving its mark on the childhoods of many individuals.

We are a community of those individuals, and over 3 decades after its initial release, we celebrate and honor the Mega Drive's legacy through our continued research, reverse engineering, game modification (aka ROM Hacking), and development of homebrew titles for the aging hardware. Whether you're a Mega Drive enthusiast, an aspiring modder or homebrew developer, or just a newer SEGA/Sonic fan looking to expand your horizons by stepping back into the past to see what you missed out on from the early 90s, we would love to have you as a member of our community.

Our mission is to make Mega Drive research and development fun and accessible for everyone. We wish to provide a stable and sensible platform, where every member can partake in ongoing discussions, exchange knowledge and information, showcase their personal projects, ask questions and receive reliable help from others, and contribute to our collective efforts to compile and preserve information regarding Mega Drive development in an easily accessible form, for decades to come. Through the advent of an approachable, down-to-earth staff team, it also our priority to provide a friendly, non-alienating board culture that doesn't ostracize newcomers or tolerate bullying in way, shape, or form. No matter how large our community gets, we never want this place to lose sight of its goals of both preservation and approachability, and it's a promise that we never will.

Of course, Mega Drive development isn't the only thing we find ourselves talking about on here. Like many of our contemporaries, we also offer a variety of off-topic sections where you can discuss and showcase things that are totally unrelated to Mega Drive research and development. In fact, we highly encourage members of our community to feel free to participate in those sections as well. After all, we're hardly people of solitary interests. We hope that this community can feel like a secondary home for many of you, and we especially hope that you'll be able to form new friendships here, with people whom you may not have met otherwise. Ultimately, your place in this community isn't determined by how much you contribute to our overarching cause, nor any perceived form of fame, clout or social status. Instead, it's determined by the bonds you build with those around you, which is far more important to your continued growth as an individual than any amount of research or development on an early 90s video game console could ever hope to be. That is the magic and the beauty of a place like this, and it's a principle we hold in the highest regard, above all else.


MDDC offers open registration without any need for validation. Registration allows community interaction with only a few notable limitations, such as a short wait time before being able to post again.

Membership is reserved to those that the staff feel represent the community and its goals and ideals. Those holding membership retain an increased amount of trust from the staff, and are expected to act as responsible role models and positive influences on the community. Members are often selected based upon any combination of maturity, responsibility, behavior, and integrity, as well as contribution to the community. Such expectations are consistent with our community's desire to be an open and welcoming community that fosters a common hobby.

Membership lifts the limitations imposed on registered users, and gain some additional allowances as a result of the increased trust by the staff. However, membership is considered a privilege, and not one that is irrevocable. If members are found to not be able to uphold the expectations associated with membership, the staff can choose to revoke membership. Such a revocation is not considered irreversible, as a user can improve and be considered again for membership, and we encourage those that unfortunately have been demoted from membership to learn, grow, and become better users.

Overall, don't take it personally if you don't have membership. The staff isn't just granting it to anyone and everyone, and you still can freely interact with the community as a whole without it. Membership is something of a privilege and a bonus for being on good terms with the community, but it's definitely not required for interacting with and contributing to the community. Membership grants convenient niceties, but is not at all required.

With all that said, we hope you'll consider joining us and enjoy your stay.

- The MDDC Staff Team