Please read and follow these rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse when called to attention.

Rule #1: Remain civil and considerate towards other users

It is important we treat each other with respect and have a good community spirit. Acting negatively towards each other is not acceptable and will be met with discipline from the staff team. We don’t tolerate elitism, discrimination, or mean-spirited behavior of any kind here. Bringing your drama around, or creating drama is not something we’re looking for in this community. Harassing or idolizing “famous” members will not be tolerated either. Additionally, letting the staff team know when someone is misbehaving (via the report button) is the right method over trying to handle it yourself. We realize you can’t always be the best version of yourself out there, but if we witness you continually acting in a poor manner towards others, you’re not going to be participating in the community.

Rule #2: Follow what the Staff Team says

Staff are here to keep the community intact and make sure people follow the rules. As such, staff are to be treated with respect and listened to by all members of the community. If you want to plead your case or question a decision we've made, please reach out to a staff member directly in a reasonable manner instead of causing a scene in public. Please note that begging for suspensions, bans, or other punishments to be undone is never acceptable and will result in further actions. Furthermore, backseat moderation is very frowned upon, so please report any misconduct you witness to the staff, either directly or via the report button, so that we can handle the situation professionally. There is very little reason to try to handle any situation yourself, even when staff aren't online right at that moment.

Rule #3: Communicate clearly

When taking part in a public community, it is important to communicate clearly. Therefore, we expect you to have some common sense with how you present yourself in your posts. We expect you to not spam, post nonsense, or ignore forum etiquette. There should be a basic level of grammar, and you should avoid overusing 😂​🇪​🇲​🇴​🇯​🇮​👌, formatting, FUCKING swearing, or DoIng SiLlY THINGS With cAPItALS. The clearer your messages are, the easier it will be for everyone to interact with each other. We are aware that English is not everyone's primary language, but a basic level of fluency is required in order to effectively engage in discussions. Do note that we also have younger members around as well, so going into excessive detail on adult topics (see Rule #6) is not acceptable.

Rule #4: Stay on-topic

Please pay attention to what a thread is about before posting and avoid derailing the discussion. When creating your own thread, look around the forums to see where it will be the most appropriate, and if you're unsure about which section is most suitable for your thread topic, ask a staff member. Any posts that are off-topic or do not add to the discussion (irrelevant posts, posts that boil down to "cool", "good", "I like this", etc.) will be moved to the trash. If you display a habit of making irrelevant posts, staff will have no choice but to take further action.

Rule #5: No alternative accounts

Only one account is permitted per member. If you have multiple accounts on the forums, we will remove any duplicates and try to contact you. If you have any problems getting into your forum account, you can contact the staff team via Discord or through the contact form; you shouldn’t create a new account in this case. In the event that you create an alternate account for the purpose of getting around a ban or suspension, the staff will not hesitate to ban all of your accounts without the possibility of appeal.

Rule #6: NSFW media policy

No. Failure to comply will result in a ban. Posting any NSFW, overly suggestive content, or talking about lewd, gory, or otherwise graphic subjects at length will not be tolerated. If you're unsure about whether or not something you want to post crosses the line, please talk with a staff member before posting anything.

Rule #7: Piracy policy

Do not post any pirated content or cracks for programs or games. Although we discuss ROM hacking here, which itself falls in a grey area, this isn’t your free pass to share content obtained or distributed via illegal means. Please be mindful that we can get into serious legal trouble if there is pirated content shared within our community. If you would like to share a ROM dump, unless it is a ROM hack, please clear it with a member of the staff team first. SEGA, as well as a few other companies, have historically been very generous with their policies on this sort of thing, so don't do anything that will make that come to an abrupt end.

Rule #8: Leave your politics at the door

Look, we know politics is everywhere these days, and they affect our lives every single day whether we like it or not. There are plenty of places to discuss it, and plenty more places that have devolved into toxicity because of it. So please, keep those conversations elsewhere. This isn't the place for politics. There are some topics that, while not strictly about politics, will still get dangerously close to it. In these cases, it is best to be civil and avoid turning the conversation from a mature discussion into a political argument if possible.

Rule #9: Skirting around the rules

Although these rules are meant to let you know how we want users to behave, it can't be an exhaustive list of how you can or can't act. Just because a rule does not technically stop you from doing something doesn’t mean that it is automatically allowed. Staff members use the rules as well as their own judgement in dealing with situations, so attempting to skirt around the rules is totally unacceptable. Please use your common sense as a guideline for how you should act, and we can all have a positive experience engaging in the community.