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  1. Nyper Yuhgard

    Sonic 2 August 21, 1992 Alpha prototype

    A conversion of the Esrael sonic 2 alpha Dissembly that changes the compiler from SNASM68K to ASM68K
  2. Nyper Yuhgard

    Sonic 3 Proto Nov 3 Dissembly

    Finally the conversion of the Esrael dissembly of Sonic 3 Beta to ASM68K is finished and it works on Blastem so it could work on real hardware as well. It's probably not a 1:1 build but it's because the Leftover.asm file was compiled and is only used as padding and can be replaced with an align...
  3. Nyper Yuhgard

    KiS2 Chip

    I do know that there is already a KiS2 dissembly as a branch of the S2 dissembly but if we are honest this is not a KiS2 dissembly as such, it is a recreation of KiS2 in S2 but it still has its merits. This dissembly I made was done before the KiS2 dissembly came out so that's why it's very raw...
  4. Nyper Yuhgard

    KiS2 Chip

    I don't have much to say the title and description of the repository speak for themselves although it is still in a very raw state it is fully functional although I don't really know how to use it haha
  5. Nyper Yuhgard

    Sonic 3 Alone but use Flamedriver

    Español:No sabia si debia colocar esto aqui pero ya que me arriesgo a que lo borren jaja bueno a que iba?...a si. Esto es Sonic 3 Alone pero usa Flamedriver basicamente es un port del controlador de sonido de Flamewing a Sonic 3 Alone estuve desarrollando esto durante 2 años mientras trabajaba a...