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  1. DarkShamilKhan

    The Mini-Project Release Thread

    Cross-post from SSRG: So uhh, yes hello there. How's it going everyone, did ya miss me... no... okay.... Anyhow yes I am back with the same old hack, but this time I am giving an improvement over my previous release[which is the SHC demo].Now you might be asking, but DSK, didn't you posted the...
  2. DarkShamilKhan

    The Mini-Project Release Thread

    Cross-Post from SSRG: Hello there People. Remember my first ever Sonic 1 Hack that I posted here few months ago, yeah it's back. Now with more additional stuff in it as well. This is Sonic 1: Unfinished Example Remade. The following stuff are in the hack: Now with different level design, as...
  3. DarkShamilKhan

    Quick Showcase Thread

    I was in a discord call when I took this screenshot. This is a screenshot of my first hack "Sonic 1: Unfinished Example" so yeah. Idk what to say here. I might post more updates till September.
  4. DarkShamilKhan

    The Mini-Project Release Thread

    "Sonic the Hedgehog: Unfinished Example" This is my first Sonic Hack that is obviously a short hack. Only GHZ act 1 and 2 have been edited with newer pallete, and some basic moves added to Sonic. As the name suggests, it's an unfinished example of a Sonic 1 ROM Hack. Following are the things...